About me

Welcome to my blog. This blog is about my hobbies and interests.

My objective is to share my personal experiences, knowledge gained and critical analysis.

You might find something helpful here and hopefully you’ll agree that I am telling the truth!



6 Responses to About me

  1. JOhn Low says:

    Hello- Maybe you can help me- I want to put 2 volt meters in my boat dash to check the battery status of each. If I wire them separately directly to each battery and install a solenoid to isolate the batteries will it work?
    Thanks for your help.

    • bulumakao says:

      The voltage readout should not depend on anything other components in the system. I would have the the voltmeters directly wired to the batteries, so the voltmeter is always reading the battery voltage. I’m pretty sure that analog meters draw no current, and digital ones draw only milliamps. The batteries will not go flat.

  2. Grey Nomad says:

    You could use a single volt meter & a SPDT switch to select whichever battery you want to monitor

    • bulumakao says:

      Or two cheap digital voltmeters from ebay. I currently have an ebay voltmeter for my main battery and solar regulator with voltmeter for my aux battery.

  3. wolfgang becker says:

    great stuff in your “stuff” bad i would like ti know how to connect the mc4 connector from the solar panel to the 6mm2 wire that goes to the battery

    • bulumakao says:

      I bought an MC4 crimping tool and some MC4 connectors on ebay. These are handy when MC4 connectors break or for making cheap cables.

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