A better microphone shock mount

Last year I drowned my Audiotechnica AT835b mic, ruined it. Then I upgraded to a Sennheiser ME67 long shotgun. The ME67 is a beast and required a better shock mount. Here is my new design. Now I can record low frequencies with my ME67 at maximum gain.

A better microphone shock mount for my Sennheiser ME67. I haven't needed to make a pistol grip yet.

Diagnosing the problem

The Sennheiser ME67 is a very sensitive mic (50 mV/Pa). It is long and doesn’t balance well in a pistol grip. My old home-made shock mount was not good enough. I experienced extreme low frequency handling noise with the bass roll-off switch off and high to maximum gain (Sony PCM-M10 recorder).

At first, the source of the noise was not clear since my old shock mount had performed wonderfully with the AT835b. People on the naturerecordists group suggested wind noise, structural noise (thin mic chassis), loose components, cable noise, wrong cable or mounting problems. I suspended my mic with elastic bands to find out the truth. There was no noise in my mic or cable and I concluded that handling noise was the mic slipping in my home-made shock mount.

Ultimate microphone suspension. Testing my ME67 for noise. The middle elastic band is for shaking the mic without bumping it.

Building a better shock mount

The ME67 needed a tighter grip to stop it slipping. I wrapped elastic bands firmly around the mic and used a larger diameter PVC pipe.

A better microphone shock mount.

A large diameter pipe avoids the mic bottoming out (banging the pipe wall) and permits finger access to pull on the elastic bands and also to operate the on/off switch. Four thick elastic bands are required: two each at the front and rear. To secure elastic bands around the mic body repeatedly loop, twist 180 degrees, loop, twist 180 degrees, until there’s no slack. Then pull on opposite sides of each band, and secure the ends to the pipe (I’ve cut tabs in the pipe).


3 Responses to A better microphone shock mount

  1. Unveiled Recording says:

    Really innovative! I may need to do something similar to this with my mics soon.

  2. Peter says:

    I’ve done something similar, but I just used twice as many rubber bands as you in order to stop it moving around as much.

    I’ve also mounted the recorder on top of the pipe so I don’t have to deal with loose cables all over the place.

    • bulumakao says:

      Yes, mic + cable + recorder + headphones + shoulder bag + binoculars around my neck = a nuisance! Great idea to mount the recorder on the pipe. I will look into this. Perhaps side-mounting will allow me to see the recording levels. Thank you.

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